Asset Management

Complete Asset Management and Fault Reporting

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Complete Asset Tracking and Fault Reporting Workflow

Fieldmagic provides complete management of Assets including the ability to define Asset-Types, unique asset attributes, as well as define possible fault-types on assets to drive complete asset reporting.

Track Unique Asset Attributes

When setting up your asset types, Fieldmagic provides the flexibility to define as many unique asset attributes as you require, which allows you to then ensure you are capturing the correct readings and asset values at each service period.

Configurable Service Periods

Quickly and easily configure your various period types and which checklist options appear on each frequency of service.

Electronically recording faults and readings allows you to deliver reporting at greater speed to your office and turn faults into repair work eliminating double entry of data.

Quality Asset Reporting to Differentiate Your Business

Our Asset Reports allow you to define the colours, columns and information visible to your customers. Our PDF generation provides a high-quality look and feel, providing a professional image.